Social Nail Bar takes pride in delivering exceptional nail care in a clean and classy environment. We will not compromise on service, quality and comfort. We specialize in Manicures and Pedicures, Acrylics, Gels, Vitamin Dip Powders, Waxing, and Nail Art.

Every product goes through a testing and trial phase among the staff and management before they are incorporated into our services. Our selective process ensures that only the best products and trusted designer labels are used on our guests.

Our licensed technicians are experienced with highest levels of competence and professionalism. We are trained in the most up-to-date technology and products offered in the nail care industry.

Our guest's health and safety are our priority! We have unparalleled standards in salon hygiene and sanitation.

Our acrylics liquids are free of MMA.

We offer luxurious spa pedicure chairs with multiple massage functions.

Disposable pedicure liners are used for every pedicure service; it's a simple deterrent to the spread of bacteria, fungus and infectious diseases associated with pedicures. Stainless steel implements are stored in a sterilization pouch until our guests are served.

We offer a highly indulgent variety of nail enhancements, manicures and pedicures, and nail art offered in a luxurious and chic atmosphere.

We provide an unrivaled assortment of nail polishes, gel colors, and dipping powders; over 1,000 colors of the most popular brands. Our brands include:

We use disposable files, buffers, pumice stones and toe separators.

Our nail bar has an advanced air-filtration system to alleviate chemical vapors and odors to maintain a comfortable and healthy environment for our guests, salon staff and nail technicians.

Enjoy complimentary beverages including coffee, tea, water, juices, champagne, & wine (upon availability).